Friday, 13 October 2017

Reading Jewellers Top Pick: A Love With Chrysoberyl Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are far more than just metal and gemstones for betrothed couples. It is also a symbol of promise… A promise to spending your life together for better or for worse. So, how do really choose a perfect ring for your bride-to-be?
Yes, diamond rings may have been the most favourite piece for every woman. It is classic, elegant and never goes out of trend. But, have you thought of buying a ring with a rare gemstone on it?
Reading jewellers pick one signature piece that you would like to keep. This is none other than the chrysoberyl and diamond ring. It is one-of-a-kind jewel consist of cabochon Cat’s eye chrysoberyl in a four claw setting.
This precious stone is surrounded with 20 brilliant cut diamonds on a marquise-shaped pierce collet. Surely, your love of your life will definitely say “yes” because of its exquisite design.
Now, why is this a great piece that you can propose to your bride-to-be? Read on and know the interesting facts about chrysoberyl through this blog.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Berkshire Jewellers Share These Mesmerising Wedding Bands this Winter

A wedding band is a token of everlasting love “till death do they part”. So, for you and your significant other, this piece of jewellery is more than its carat and shimmering stones. These rings will serve as a symbol of your love for the rest of your life.
However, it is still a challenging task as to which one to choose. Yes, you may have a lot of ring ideas as you go on many jewellery shops. But, you need to consider your preferred style, setting, and of course, its value.
Today, Berkshire jewellers will share these mesmerising jewellery rings for couples who wish to have their wedding this winter. Are you excited to know what these are? Let us take you now to a luxury where you want to make these bands be part of your married life through this blog.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Reading Jewellery Shops Offer Dazzling and Fine Jewellery Pieces

Sparkling, shimmering jewellery is always in demand. It is one of the greatest gifts one could receive from someone. But, why wait for someone to buy you a gift?
Buying a precious jewellery is one way to treat yourself after hard days of work. If there is a special piece you want to have and you can afford it, why not? This might be all you need after doing a great job. Or perhaps, this might boost you after a tough time.
However, buying yourself a jewellery can be overwhelming especially for first-time buyers. One reason why is wearing these fine pieces more often can be a huge investment. But, you will be amazed as these pieces may have a higher appraisal value for the years to come.
Now, are you ready to get glitzy and dazzling? Find the best jewellery gifts for yourself from Reading jewellery shops through this blog.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Opal Diamond Ring Aftercare Tips From Reading Jewellers

Having a hard time looking for a perfect October wedding ring? Worry not as opals and diamonds can look good together in one jewellery piece. Diamonds represent the groom’s strength and toughness. Whilst, opals symbolise the bride’s delicate and soft personality.

However, taking care of opal diamond jewellery can be overwhelming at first. Opal is a stark opposite of diamond’s characteristics. But, although fragile, this elegant gemstone is one of the most fascinated stones since time immemorial.

Remember, owning a precious jewellery is like nurturing a relationship. So, before you get to choose that opal diamond ring, you need to know how you can take good care of it. You need to maintain its original shape and preserve its setting.

So, read further on this blog.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Bespoke Sapphire Engagement Rings from Reading Jewellery Shops

Saying your “I dos” can be sweeter with the promise of forever. But, what can be more promising than a beautiful and precious sapphire engagement ring? For those who are born in September, you’re in luck. Your birthstone is said to promote honesty and fidelity in marriage. Truly, this gemstone is a delight to those who receive it.
In fact, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, wears an heirloom sapphire band. And, this famous heirloom was the same ring which Prince Charles once gave to Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. It was once reported that the Princess of Wales chose this ring because “it was the biggest”. And, its deep blue hue was said to have complemented perfectly with her eyes.

Now, what more reasons do you need to choose a sapphire ring? Let us revisit at some of this gemstone’s fascinating features below.  

Jewellers Bring Sparkle to Your Engagement Rings with Sapphire Stones

Engagement rings can have a beautiful set of sapphire stones. These range from the minimalist, one-stone offers to the most extravagant baubles. Have you considered a halo ring setting to frame your stone, or a classic four-prong stunner?

Whatever you choose, your ring should be the main focus. Any stone that is fit for royalty must be at centre stage. So, come and see the sapphire’s lustre through its cut, colour and clarity.